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5 Tips On Keeping Your Home Clean and Healthy

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

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Are you cleaning correctly? Doing the research to keep you home happily and healthy can seem tedious. However, using the right tools and cleaning the right spots are crucial in doing so. Check out our 5 tips on keeping your home clean and healthy.

1. Letting Your Lysol Do Its Job

  • Are you giving disinfectants like Lysol Disenfectant the proper amount of time to do it’s job? For Lysol to work at its very best, you must leave it setting on the surface or at least 5 minutes before wiping it away. Before using a disinfectant, make sure you are using it correctly.

2. Cleaning Spots You Might Have Missed A disinfectant on these places can help keep it look clean and keeping germs away.

Your Car

  • Your car is a place you often do not like about sanitizing that often. However, it can be one of the top places that can collect dirt, grime and more. Be sure to pay attention to your car handles, your steering wheel, your console and seat belts.


  • Your car keys, house keys, and even your work keys carry germs.


  • This spot may only be touched by you and your mail man, but think about where your mail has been.

Outdoor Gates

  • This spot is often overlooked and used almost daily from members of your home and friends that visit

3. Wear A Face Mask

  • Did you know there are different kinds of masks, gloves, and cleaners for different purposes? Pay attention to the direction and uses each product has. You may feel protected, but indeed may not be.  Harsh cleaners like bleach are best used with gloves and a mask. Always give the directions on a cleaner a look before using. Not only will it keep you safe, you’ll ensure you’re using the product effectively.

4. Know The Difference Between Disinfectant and Surface Cleaner

  • While surface cleaner breaks down dirt and grim on your surfaces, Disinfectant uses a chemical blend to kill the germs and bacteria collecting on your surfaces. While both are great for their purposes, be sure you are picking the right product for the job.  Some cleaners aren’t meant to be on certain surfaces like wood and granite.

4. When To Use A Rag vs. A Paper Towel

  • When it comes to the paper towel vs. rags there is benefit to using over the other. Depending on the cleaner and job, it is best to use a paper towel for a more mild scrub job and a rag for harsher chemicals and labor. Ultimately, be sure to dispose of both properly in light of reinfecting with the tools/rags.

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